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Loftus-Cheek, Reece James, Van Ginkel, Jamal Blackman strike a pose on stationary bikes

Quartet recovering from various injuries

Match the captions with the player.

Player 1: Reece James
Player 2: Marco van Ginkel
Player 3: Ruben Loftus-Cheek
Player 4: Jamal Blackman

Caption 1: “Road to Recovery”
Caption 2: “Tour de Chelsea
Caption 3: “Working hard and having fun”
Caption 4: [didn’t post the photo] UPDATE: “Road to Recovery”

Answers at the bottom.

Chelsea’s treatment room is starting to clear up after a busy summer, but a couple short-term and two long-term customers remain. Here they pose for a picture as if they were extras in an age restricted Sean Paul music video. Ride it!

Reece James, 19, is putting the finishing touches on his recovery from ankle surgery in the summer and is expected to be back soon after the September international break.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek, 23, is starting to step up his rehab from an Achilles rupture, which he suffered at the end of May. Recent reports put his return to training for end of October, which could mean competitive match action before the end of the calendar year.

Marco van Ginkel, 26, has been one of the most frequent customers of the treatment room ever, unfortunately, and he’s recovering from his latest knee surgery, the total number of which we’ve long lost count.

Jamal Blackman, 25, long-time third goalkeeper is recovering from a broken leg meanwhile.

Good luck, boys!

Quiz answers: P1-C4; P2-C3; P3-C1; P4-C2

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