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Chelsea 2019-20 Statistical Dashboard, Matchweek 2: It’s come and gone

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Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Everybody!

So we’ve completed another matchweek, and I’ve got all of the data uploaded for the Dashboard.

It’s still a very small sample size for everything, so take all of that with a grain or twenty of salt, but it’s still nice to see some early trending.

Also, a few things have been cleaned up, and tweaked, and even a few things have been added in as what I’ll call improvements.

  • You might notice now that in the CREATE/FINISH section, for the player data, there’s a drop-down to select either Totals or Per90. This was a user request from last week’s comment section, so I added it in. Definitely handy, I agree. And once we have more than one total goal to our tally, things will start to be more interesting.
  • I tweaked the weekly tracker for the Premier League matches in the upper left: it now shows a short bar for draws, and two longer bars for wins and losses. And it’s easier to see and interpret that table too I think now.
  • Our unfortunate loss in the Cup midweek has been added to the Cups table. Once I have dates for the League Cup (EFL), Champions League (CL), and FA Cup (FAC) I’ll get that data inserted in.

Here’s the snapshot of the dashboard:

Also as usual, here’s the actual link to the Tableau dashboard on my profile. (Unfortunately the SBN story editor’s embed function does not handle Tableu projects very well.)!/vizhome/ChelseaDashboard2019-20/Chelsea2019-20Dashboard

Please feel free to submit feedback or requests. I may or may not be able to implement them, and/or I might already have something planned, too, but I’m always open to ideas and suggestions.