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Dead Chuck on ... Frank Lampard’s Garden

There’s no Miracle-Gro® in football

Yesterday’s cartoon was mostly a VAR joke — you know, Pep VARdiola and such — with a touch of “wow I wish THAT guy was still here”. But some took it as being unsupportive or pining for the past.

For me, humor is a defense mechanism when you want things to be better. I can’t wait for the Bridge to the fortress is once was, and to consistently EXPECT to win. When that day comes again — soon I’m sure — I will very much enjoy making the OTHER team the butt of the joke. But like I said, for now, this is a bit of a defense mechanism.

The No.8 jersey is the only one I own … and I very much want this experiment to succeed. But I am nothing if not flexible, so if you thought I was not being a team player: one of the vines in this cartoon is holding a drawing pencil.

So everybody chill and KTBFFH.

Dead Chuck

Dead Chuck is a humorous and fun take on the never-ending drama at Chelsea Football Club. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter and check out his other work on his website as well.

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