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WATCH: Barkley & Christensen beat Abraham & Alonso with Abraham and Alonso on FIFA 19


One of life’s little fascinations is many football players’ obsession with playing the FIFA video game series — after hard days of training and playing, one would think they’d want to do something just a bit different, no? Apparently not.

So here we have Andreas Christensen and Ross Barkley taking on Tammy Abraham and Marcos Alonso in a couple games of FIFA 19, first a warm-up in survival mode, then the main event in a Chelsea vs. Chelsea match. While Christensen remains mostly quiet, the others get rather into it, especially Abraham and Barkley, and things get fairly competitive.

It’s all in good fun of course, which makes all the celebrations and trash talk quite amusing as Team Barkley & Christensen beat Team Abraham & Alonso, 4-2. Most amusingly, all four of Team Barkley & Christensen’s goals are scored by virtual Abraham & Alonso (a brace each). Alonso’s reaction to his virtual self scoring a rather impressive volley is pretty funny, too.

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