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PICTURES: First day of training in Japan for Chelsea, now with 100% more Pulisic

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Back to work!

After landing yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon in Japan, Chelsea wasted little time in getting into the media room for a press conference and out onto the training pitch to stretch out the muscles cramped from spending over 12 hours in the air, and try to mitigate the effects of jet lag as well.

Joined by new signing Christian Pulisic as well for the first time ever, it was just a light session for the squad, a bit of stretching, a bit of running, and some fun with the ball. Standard stuff for a post-flight runabout.

A more intense session awaits the boys today — in fact, due to the massive time difference, Chelsea have already started on Day 2 training at Yokohama’s Mitsuzawa Football Stadium, and completed the first session of the day.

Chelsea will take on Kawasaki Frontale in a couple days, then Barcelona early next week. Plenty of time to work work work until then!