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Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard pays tribute to Chelsea with new custom Nike boots

Once a Blue, always a Blue

Eden Hazard’s custom Mercurial 360 boots

It seems like a million years ago that Eden Hazard finally made his long-rumoured transfer to Real Madrid after seven successful years in Chelsea blue. It felt like the end of an era.

But there’s little use in not moving on or looking forward, especially with Chelsea engineering a Lampard-led youth revolution love-in, or some such.

Still, Hazard said all the right things when he left, including declaring his undying love for Chelsea and so on and so forth. One does always wonder if players truly mean such things, but in Hazard’s case, that appears to have been genuine. He’s even gone as far as to pay tribute to his Chelsea days with his new custom Nike boots.

As explained on Nike’s official website, the blue accents and lettering on are “in honor” of Eden’s former club, while the gold Nike swoosh is a “nod” to his new club. (The new Mercurial boots are all about customization, as also seen on Pulisic’s new USA-inspired kicks.)

Once a Blue, always a Blue!

Good luck this season, Eden.

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