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David Luiz looking to help the next generation succeed at Chelsea

Take note!

Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Youth hype might be at an all-time high at Chelsea this summer, but even with Lampard and Morris in place as manager and assistant, youth are unlikely to be just handed things on a platter. Their — and in turn, Chelsea’s — success this season and beyond will depend not only on their talent but their application of said talent, their mentality, approach and dedication to the craft.

That’s where some of the older players can come in to serve as examples. Captain César Azpilicueta has already taken up Lampard’s mantra in that respect; now here is Leader, Legend, Geezer David Luiz to do the same.

“When you’re young you have to think about opening the door - not the door opening for you. The young players have to work in this mentality, because life is not easy. Every day another boy is born and another boy wants to be a footballer. And it’s up to everybody to work hard and for them to knock on the door and open the door.

David Luiz may be joke to many and he may play many jokes himself, but his dedication to his chosen life is unquestionable. After all, this is a man who left his home at age 13 to try his luck in professional football in a far away town in Brazil, rarely getting to see his family, before making the big leap of faith across the ocean in Portugal. That sort of mentality shapes careers and creates winners, and that’s what he wants to see from the next generation as well.

“They have the talent for that, they have the potential for that. They just have to show that every single day. I think we are a lucky team because we have so much talent, the young players are amazing. Every single one, they have the quality already to play for this club.

“I have to do my role as a senior player, just trying to help them. It is a big step up and it’s up to everyone to do their job.”

Youth or not, at the end of the day, the name of the game is winning and trophies at Chelsea. Lampard may be getting an easier ride than most, thanks to both his relationship with the fans and the board as well as the realities of an Eden Hazard-less transfer ban situation, but the honeymoon period will eventually run out and the scoreboard will start mattering more and more.

And that’s just how it should be at this club.

“I think everyone understands the moment and everyone understands [the need] to be patient. But in the end everyone wants to win.

“The fans are going to be patient in the first six months and then in the last six months they want us to win. It is going to be like that, we have to think about that and do the best to make them happy.

“If you don’t think like that then you can’t play for Chelsea. The ambition has to be high.”

-David Luiz; source: Daily Mail

That hard work to reach those ambitions continues next week, with the trip to Japan. The season starts in four weeks!

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