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Daniel Sturridge has found his dog!

A good end to the story


Good news!

Today at noon, Sturridge finally reunited with his dog, Lucci. The LAPD have confirmed that Sturridge’s dog has been returned safely.

A Twitter post showing the dog in the lap of a kid, sitting in a car, went viral and the LAPD were swift to get in contact with the tweeter. The dog was safely handed over to Sturridge and there were no arrests, as the ones who returned the dog didn’t resemble or weren’t found to be associated with the burglars.


Former Chelsea and Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been left distraught after his Pomeranian was stolen late night from his mansion in Los Angeles. The Daily Mail report provides further details of the burglary which is believed to have been carried out by three hooded men seen near the premises.

Sturridge uploaded several videos on instagram seeking help to get back his dog named Lucky Lucci, whom he’s had for a year and half. In this video, Sturridge gives a glimpse of the incident scene, showing his door smashed and pieces of glass lying on the floor. A couple of bags were also stolen along with the dog and the burglars are believed to have made their way out through the window, jumping over the fence.

In the following video, Sturridge promises to pay a hefty reward, £20,000, £30,000, or more — whatever it takes! — if his beloved puppy is safely returned. Sturridge reveals that he doesn’t care about the material possession and that he’s moving out of that house anyway. Clearly money is not an issue, this is about something much more important.

Lucky Lucci even has an instagram account dedicated to him, going by the handle @luccipoochie. Here’s hoping Lucci gets reunited with his master very soon.

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