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Kanté released from France duty after ‘evolution’ of knee injury, still on course to rule the known universe

Good decision.

Chelsea FC via Getty Images

N’Golo Kanté was sent home by France head coach Didier Deschamps last night, after the most recent evaluation of the right knee injury, which had made the Chelsea midfielder doubtful for the Europa League final last week, showed an “evolution”. Kanté will thus take no part in France’s Euro 2020 qualifiers against Turkey and Andorra.

Kanté’s knee was somehow cobbled, pain-killed, prayed together to last for a solid 90 minutes in Baku against Arsenal, but that was never going to be enough to actually fix the underlying problem. One can only hope that the “evolution” that the France medical team are referring to does not mean that the injury has gotten worse, just that it needs to be properly rested and rehabbed over the summer to be in top shape and ready to go for next season.

In better news, earlier this week, Kanté and his world champion teammates were honored with France’s highest civilian honor, the Légion d’Honneur.

Kanté, as ever, was most adorable when receiving the commendation.

As L’Equipe points out, this continues Kanté’s ridiculous personal winning streak.

Despite the knee injury setback, we’re confident he remains on course to be the benevolent God Emperor of the known universe.

2013: Playing third division football in France
2014: Playing second division football in France
2015: Playing first division football in France
2016: Wins the Premier League
2016: Euro finalist
2017: Wins the Premier League and all the Player of the Season awards
2018: Wins the World Cup
2019: Wins the Europa League
2019: Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur
[time travel noises]
2020: Wins the European Championships
2021: Ballon d’Or
2022: Wins the World Cup again
2023: Wins the Champions League
2026: Wins the World Cup again, World Cup trophy renamed Kanté Trophy
2027: President of France
2015: UN Secretary General
2025: Fixes the climate
2052: Nobel Peace Prize
2091: Line Captain, Terra-Luna Confederation
2093: Grand Champion, Terra-Luna Confederation
2095: Victory Star of the Solar Dominion
2099: President, Solar Dominion
2107: Ambassador to Xfit’thk, granted gene-extension crystal
2108: President-for-Life, Solar Dominion
2525: Ascends to higher plane of being
3108: God Emperor of the Known Universe

(h/t: MacAree & TMIL)

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