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Barkley, Rüdiger, Hudson-Odoi all caught speeding on the same road in a matter of days

Slow down please

Pakistan v Western Australia

Footballers and fast cars are a common combination, though this can lead to some rather stupid things such as excessive speeding, which is usually defined as driving 15mph over the speed limit, though can vary based on jurisdiction.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Chelsea trio Ross Barkley, Antonio Rüdiger, and Callum Hudson-Odoi have all been convicted of speeding recently. The incidents all occurred within four days of each other back in January, and all on the same road, the A3, leading to Chelsea’s training grounds at Cobham in Surrey.

Barkley (doing 58mph in a 40 zone) and Hudson-Odoi (64 in a 50) were both fined several hundred pounds and had points (four and three, respectively) added to their licenses. Rüdiger however was clocked at over 100 in a 70 zone, and after admitting to the charge, will have a court appearance in a few weeks, where he faces a driving ban.

These might sound like silly little things, but speeding, especially excessive speeding, isn’t something that we should take lightly or condone. As the death of Jose Antonio Reyes and his cousin have recently reminded everyone again, speeding can have deadly consequences for drivers, passengers, and sometimes even bystanders alike.

Chelsea have had several driving-related incidents this season, including Danny Drinkwater’s drink-driving charge a couple months ago. He’s since been sentenced to 70 hours of community service (instead of just a token fine or court costs) and banned from driving for 20 months.

Time to slow down and make better decisions.

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