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Christensen no longer wondering about his Chelsea future

Trophy in the bag, minutes under the belt, Academy youth on the rise

Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Although the season did not start well for Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen, who found himself getting minutes only in secondary cup competitions, the final stretch turned quite positive. The circumstances of his re-emergence, as the replacement for Antonio Rüdiger, who had to have surgery on his knee in late April, were not ideal, but it was still an opportunity presented and ready to be grabbed.

Christensen proved an able deputy, not that we were expecting otherwise, rewarding the faith placed in him and going from strength to strength thanks to more consistent playing time. It's gone well enough in fact that he's no longer thinking about leaving Chelsea, as he was back in January, when back when his situation was looking much more precarious.

“I’m not wondering about my future now, and I haven’t done that for some time. I’m happy to be in London, and with the way the season has evolved, there’s no reason to think about it anymore.”

“I played two seasons in the Bundesliga and a season stuck in Chelsea, and after all, I’m only 23 years old, so it’s probably very wise to stay. It’s nice that there is peace and quiet, and I can concentrate on playing football.”

This does not mean that he will be satisfied with the status quo of course. He remains ambitious, looking for as much playing time as he can get — which will probably entail having to beat out one of David Luiz or Rüdiger for a starting spot next season.

“I have always been happy, but there have been times when I wanted to play the game more. If I can play as much in the future as I have done in the spring, then that’s fine..."

“The end of the season has really been as good as it could. I got a lot of playing time and we ended up winning a trophy so it couldn’t be better.”

“The Europa League is my biggest trophy, and that is the trophy I have been the most part of. It’s huge for me, and I’m incredibly proud of the title.”

“Because our season has been so much up and down, it has really made all the people in the club happy that we could finish the season with a title. Now we can look back on a good season, even though there were ups and downs along the way.”

-Andreas Christensen; Source: Jyllands-Posten via Google Translate

Trophy in the bag, minutes under the belt, Academy youth on the rise.

Here's to more of the same, if not better next season!

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