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WATCH: Eden Hazard all 110 goals for Chelsea

The End?

Everybody always wants Eden Hazard to score more goals. Except maybe Eden Hazard. He delights more in an assist, in winning, in making the team and the fans happy.

And yet, as reluctant as he often is to be selfish and take the shot, he’s still managed to collect 110 goals for his Chelsea career.

Sky Sports broke down the first 100, adding the last 10 to that we get these numbers:

Right foot: 76
Left foot: 29
Head: 5
Inside box: 100
Outside box: 10
Penalties: 26
Free-kicks: 1

Goals: 110

That doesn’t necessarily sound like much, but it is in fact the 9th most for any player in all competitions in the club’s history. There have been only 10 players altogether to reach the century mark.

  1. Frank Lampard: 211
  2. Bobby Tambling: 202
  3. Kerry Dixon: 193
  4. Didier Drogba: 164
  5. Roy Bentley: 150
  6. Peter Osgood: 150
  7. Jimmy Greaves: 132
  8. George Mills: 125
  9. EDEN HAZARD: 110
  10. George Hilsdon: 108

It’s an average of a little over 15 for each of his seven seasons at the club, reaching 20 this season for just the second time in his career. He fell one short of his personal record of 22, achieved in his final season at Lille.

He could’ve climbed a fair bit higher in this list, but alas, his time at the Bridge appears to be over. It’s been fun! And a privilege.

My sentimental favorite remains probably No.13, against West Ham. It’s unlikely to make any top ten list, but it was the first one of his that I saw in person.

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