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Willian scores a great goal for Brazil


Peru v Brazil: Group A - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

When Chelsea line up to start the new season in just about seven weeks, chances are that two of the attacking players, possibly the two wingers, will be Christian Pulisic on one side and Willian Borges da Silva on the other.

After seven seasons of seeing Eden Hazard’s name in one of those positions for the vast majority of matches, it will be the start of something new and different. Better? Maybe not. Hopeful? Sure. It will certainly be a big responsibility not just for young Pulisic, but also for the man a decade his senior, who steps out of Hazard’s shadow for the first time ever at Chelsea.

What might that Willian look like? Probably the same as before. Still, here’s a great goal he scored last night for Brazil as they thumped Peru at the Copa América, 5-0. He once again didn’t start, just as in their first game, but did get a solid quarter of an hour as the replacement for Philippe Coutinho to collect his 67th cap.

He certainly doesn’t score too many tap-ins!

And while he’s never been known for goalscoring, despite many wishing that onto him, his four best seasons in terms of goals have all come in the last four seasons (11, 12, 13, and 8).

Willian will be turning 31 just as the new season begins, by which time he may or may not have signed his latest Chelsea contract extension (for one or, maybe even two years).

We’re going to need the best version of him.

(Not a bad night then last night as both Willian and Pulisic produced highlight reel-worthy moments!)

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