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HULLABALOO IN BAKU: Sarri kicks a hat, throws a fit, storms off, this is fine

And. Here. We. Go.

Previews - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

What happens on the training ground, stays on the training ground.

Except when there are cameras around — and it’s LIVE! — like when the training is inside the stadium where tomorrow night’s Europa League final will be held and the entire most of the football world is watching thanks to BT Sport’s preview show happening at the same time.

Emotions and tension may be running high with the final just 24 hours away and the futures of many key participants undecided, but any way you slice it, this is not a good look, especially as apparently Sarri left with still plenty of training still to go, after which the whole thing was “useless” and “rubbish” as per the commentators.

Obviously, we don’t know exactly what happened — Rudiger’s having a big ol’e laugh about it if you watch it to the end — but Gonzalo Higuain was (once again) central to it, just as he was in the video from a few days ago. David Luiz was involved (“big personality”), Cesar Azpilicueta apparently tried to mediate as a good captain should.

And then there’s Sarri, who, worst of all, made a big show of it just as he did when the whole Kepa incident happened. Not the best choice of behaviors, as pointed out by the BT Sport studio as well.

The mood seemed to be pretty good prior to this, with the usual mix of intensity, joking, and hard work. Afterwards, it was very bad and a waste of time. Not exactly ideal preparation.

On the plus side, his kicking technique is not bad at all. Watch out, Kepa, he’s gunning for your job!

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