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All aboard the Hudson-Odoi hype train, if you can find space!

More praise for the youngster

In case you just woke up from a yearlong hibernation, here’s what you need to know.

Callum Hudson-Odoi is 18. And he is the future.

“He is ready, you can see the way he is taking the ball he is playing with a lot of confidence. He is still young and he can improve of course but he is already very good, and I think he was happy to play at Brighton.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Chelsea FC

On Wednesday, he started the first Premier League match of his career, at long last, and provided a crucial contribution by creating the first goal and generally tormenting Brighton’s left flank.

“He is working well in training. He is improving. He has got huge potential. He’s still young and I am sure he will become a top, top player. He needs to play more games but it’s coming.”

“He is a very good player but a good man as well in the dressing room. I like his mentality, so England can be happy to have him.”

-Olivier Giroud; source: Chelsea FC

Needless to say, the praise for the kid has been pouring in, from observers, teammates, coaches, and fans alike.

Is there anyone who’s not on board the hype train yet? Unlikely.

“We train together but I don’t need to talk to him. If he wants to ask me something I will tell him, no problem, but he is great player already. If he wants advice I can teach but he has everything already. When you are young you just play and you try and sometimes you miss but the good thing is to give some freshness to the team. He has the legs to run for 90 minutes. At 28 we are a bit tired at the end! He is still young, he can still improve but he is in a good team to learn and we also are happy to help him.”

“I told him if he stays humble at first, that is the best thing. Just work in training, score goals and then just be happy on the pitch. He can go very far. At first [when I was young] I was not listening to everything, but then my family helped me to stay humble. For him it is quite easy because of the players he has around him, they are quite humble. If we were all thinking we are the best, it would be quite hard for him to not stay humble. He is intelligent, he has a family that look after him. His time is coming.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Chelsea FC

If you’re still just standing on the platform, it’s time to get on. If you can find space. This hype train ain’t waiting for no man, woman, child, or Sarri.

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