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SPOTTED: Nike 2019-20 Chelsea home shirt already on sale in ... Toronto?

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Polarizing design remains

Whether you like the rumored 2019-20 Chelsea home shirt or not, it looks like we’re stuck with it for the next season. After a flurry of leaks over the last couple days, the new home shirt has been spotted in the wild, on sale already in ... Toronto?

That location comes from a Reddit thread, but the picture included should be already familiar.

Yep, the pattern and the design looks real.

As it often happens, the shirt looks better fully realized than on leaks and sketches. It probably will look even better in action. Unless you really don’t like it, in which case it won’t.

At the end of the day, it’s just a shirt, and one inspired by the early ‘90s, which appears to be Nike’s theme for next season.

In these latest pictures, the pattern on the shirt becomes a bit more clear. It’s meant to represent the stadium, though it’s probably just a bit too busy and abstract and random to communicate that idea clearly.

Oh well.