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Kante also injured against Burnley because it’s a cruel world

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Chelsea FC v Burnley FC - Premier League Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

N’Golo Kante finished the first-half for Chelsea against Burnley, but he was not among the eleven who came out for the second half. With the scoreboard reading 2-2, that was an unexpected development to say the least.

A few minutes later came the confirmed from the journalists at the game: back injury.

Not good.

Kante had had a pretty good first half, keying Chelsea’s high press and being involved in the attack including scoring the first goal.

He did however hit the ground hard when Tarkowski tripped him on a counter and it’s conceivable that’s where the injury originated (Tarkowski only got a talking to for this foul).

Kante’s injury adds to Chelsea’s woes today, with Callum Hudson-Odoi already forced off with a right leg problem, Antonio Rudiger missing with a knee injury, and both Marcos Alonso and Willian dealing with more minute problems (glute and thigh, respectively).

Hopefully Kante’s injury is nothing to serious. We’re going to need him, to say the least.

Also, a world where Kante’s human is a world that does not make sense anymore.