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Chelsea fan Jay needs your help in identifying fellow fans who racially abused him in Prague

Something needs to be done

Raheem Sterling, Vincent Kompany, John Barnes, and many others have spoken eloquently, insightfully, and at length about the deep-seated issues that enable racism in society, in football, in the stands, and in everyday life. They should be listened to and especially listened to by the powers that help enable by advocating, by ignoring, by downplaying.

What we can do as individuals, as fans, as decent human beings, is our part. Be part of the solution, don’t be a part of the problem. Racism is a massive issue that plagues our modern society, and it is far from over — just in the last couple days, in addition to Chelsea fans abusing Mohamed Salah, Arsenal have launched an investigation into a fan abusing Kalidou Koulibaly and a match in France was stopped for five minutes due to racist chanting.

So we all must continue fighting it any way we can. Don’t be the silent majority. Be the vocal majority.

Help people like Jay Bailey, who flew to Prague to support his Blues, only to be racially abused by his fellow Chelsea fans sitting behind him at the Eden Arena. He’s told his story on Twitter and Sky Sports as well in the days since.

But as things stand, it’s his word against an anonymous offender or three. He needs your help in identifying the perpetrators — if you were there and have pictures or video, this is your chance to help rid the club of this vile element, just as Chelsea have done by banning the six fans identified in the Salah racial abuse video from earlier that same day.

Jay, who does the occasional Chelsea vlog as well, goes by the handle @Jayzinq on Twitter and YouTube. If you can help or have some information, I’m sure he would appreciate if you got in contact with him.

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