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WATCH: Willian free kicks vs. Dynamo Kiev, 2015 vs. 2019, side-by-side

A glitch in the Matrix

It’s like one of those “spot the difference” pub games. Except it’s video. And it’s real life.

2015. Willian. Free kick. Chelsea’s second goal vs. Dynamo Kiev. (Champions League group stages.)

2019. Willian. Free kick. Chelsea’s second goal vs. Dynamo Kiev. (Europa League Round of 16 first leg.)

And yes, there is some trickeration involved with stretching the frames to make it look exactly like it’s a carbon copy.

But it’s very close either way.

Same player.
Same opposition.
Same end.
Same outcome.

Same place, almost.

The one yesterday was from about five yards closer. And Chelsea had fewer players in the box because we were already leading rather than desperately searching for a winner that would give us a first win in nine(!) games. Then, it was a winning goal; now, it was “merely” a goal that made certain of the win, our third on the bounce.

This is Willian’s 11th free kick goal for Chelsea (of 52 total). That’s absolutely remarkable.

2015-16: M.Tel Aviv (2x), Porto, Dynamo Kiev, Newcastle, Southampton
2016-17: Brentford, Stoke, Spurs
2018-19: Vidi FC, Dynamo Kiev

Practice makes perfect!

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