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Loftus-Cheek on Kepa’s apology to the team and Kanté getting fined all the time by Chelsea

Wait, what?

Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Callum Hudson-Odoi have a few things in common. They’re both young, talented, and ready for stardom (and need more playing time). They’ve both been at Chelsea since an early age and seem to get along well despite being far enough apart in age (4+ years) that they were part of different classes when coming through. They’re also both immensely likable in their public personas.

The latest evidence in that regard is the duo’s appearance on Soccer AM with Tubes, who put them through the usual “Teammates 2.0” questionnaire. This video has not been official released yet by Soccer AM on YouTube, but you can watch it on Sky’s website. You can also watch it here on MSN (or there’s a bootleg embedded at the top).

In the video we learn, among other things, that Rüdiger is the joker of the current group, Azpilicueta and David Luiz are the future managers, and Giroud takes the longest in front of the mirror.

We also learn, quite shockingly, that N’Golo Kanté gets fined the most often by the team. No, not for refusing substitutions, but for being late. Not very late, just a little bit late. Must be that broke-down Mini that he continues to insist on driving!

Ruben: “N’Golo. He’s not super late. Normally you get places earlier, he’s usually one or two minutes late, or just on time! He comes in and smiles and everyone is like: ‘Yeah we forgive you’.”

Callum: “Yeah, N’Golo! You wouldn’t expect it. He’s always late! Always!”

-source: Sky

You certainly would not expect it. Turns out he’s human after all. Not sure if that makes me feel sad or reassured.

On a more serious note, Loftus-Cheek also was asked about the other man who was recently fined (and much more publicly than Kanté), but Ruben’s certainly ready to move on from that topic just as all the rest of us are.

“The boss obviously wanted to show he demands respect from his players and he obviously put in Willy [Caballero] for the Tottenham game.

”Kepa was honest with us and he apologised to all of us the day after the final and we all accepted that apology. I think there was a misunderstanding involved in it but he apologised to us and we accepted it. I think it’s very important to move on quickly from that.”

-Ruben Loftus-Cheek; source: Sky

Learn and move on. So says (Man of the Match) Kepa; so say we all.

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