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Would you like to write for WAGNH? — CLOSED

Call of the blog

Chelsea Women v Paris Saint-Germain Women - UEFA Women’s Champions League: Quarter Final First Leg Photo by James Chance/Getty Images


The response to this has been excellent and well above my expectations, overwhelming in fact, so thank you all who applied.

Unfortunately, I cannot pick everyone, so most of you will end up disappointed. I will try to get back to everyone who sent an email, but if you haven’t heard from me in the next couple days, it’s safe to assume that you were not picked (this time).

But don’t be discouraged! Especially if you’re new-ish to the community, come join the comments, hang out, it’s mostly nice. We’ve had many contributors over the years and will undoubtedly have more in the future. (And our FanPosts feature is always open to any and all comers, and I try to feature the best ones on the front page, too.)

Thanks again, everyone!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we need you. I need you. Well, at least one or two of you. Maybe three?

I’m looking for a few brave souls to make the step up to contributor. As before, the ideal candidate will come from the comment sections, and those with a bit of ... history ... at We Aint’ Got No History will likely be given preference. This method has worked for us ever since Graham started the blog back in 2010 and as we approach our tenth year, I don’t see much reason to change it.

The reason for this year’s call is several. One, we need to fill gaps in our daily coverage. Two, I can’t always devote the time needed. Three, it’s good to have new voices.

Our friend wxwax’s untimely passing has left us shorthanded as well.

The types of contributors I’m looking for should fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. Day-to-day “news”/rumor coverage of the first-team and quotes from and about the players/etc. A bit of analysis/opinion if you want. This is our bread and butter.
  2. Someone to cover the women’s team (who are playing right now against PSG and as you can tell, we don’t have the bandwidth to really pay attention it)
  3. Someone to cover the youth and reserves more closely than we do at the moment.
  4. Something you think this blog is missing and is in desperate need of. Convince me.

You should have a solid grasp of English (I give at least a cursory edit to most submitted articles). You should have some common sense. I’m not looking for Twitter ranters and hot take artists.

All regular contributors receive a small monthly stipend. Think beer-money, not rent-money.

If you’re interested, please send me an email (it’s just my name at gmail; you can also find it in my profile). You have the rest of this week (through Sunday night) to do so.


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