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Sarri: Crisis-tested Chelsea stronger, ‘closer’, ‘more united’ after Kepa shenanigans

Not quite eeeevil shenanigans

Chelsea FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

From adversity comes strength, or as current Fulham boss RAF Group Captain Scotty M. Parker might say “per ardua ad astra” — “through adversity to the stars”. Parker certainly has plenty of adversity on his hands.

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri does, too, though he’s certainly hoping that the Blues have now moved on to the second half of that phrase, the part about gaining strength from the lows and using it to rise to new heights.

“When there is a difficult situation, I think it’s very difficult for everybody, but it’s a big opportunity. We have to take the opportunity.

“Of course it was a very bad experience, but I think we can come out of the situation better than before. When there is a very difficult experience you can come out of it always different than before, better or worse. I think from this situation we came out better.

“For the players it was a useful experience for staying more united. And also for me, with my staff and my players. We feel closer together.”

-Maurizio Sarri; source: Chelsea FC

Sarri echoes similar sentiments from the players who have spoken on this matter recently, including most notably backup goalkeeper Willy Caballero — who may or may not start for one more match just to complete Kepa’s punishment — though of course the words will mean little if Chelsea don’t follow up Wednesday’s win against Spurs with a win against Fulham on Sunday.

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