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WATCH: Inside the mind of Eden Hazard, Joybringer

Oh, Eden, don’t go...

Eden Hazard, like the Cyndi Lauper song, just wants to have some fun. When the working day is done, he just wanna have fun. Except Eden Hazard wants to have fun in his working day, too. It’s his primary modus operandi, his primary motivation. Trophies, wins, goals, these are all fantastic things that bring happiness to all, but Eden wants his fun to be defined by something other than just those things — whether it’s in his garden, or in the Garden of Eden.

If you’ve been paying attention, nothing in this interview with NBC Sports’ Arlo White will surprise you. But that’s not really the point at this point. We know who Hazard is, who he wants to be, and who he doesn’t want to be. It can be fashionable to criticize him for that, when his idea of fun doesn’t mesh with ours, yours, the expected norm. But in the final balance, if we’re not here to have fun, then what’s the point?

If and when Hazard leaves Chelsea, whether that be this summer, next summer, or at the end of his playing career, we will look back and smile. We will have been privileged to have had front row seats to this show. For he was, and he still is, Eden Hazard, Joybringer.



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