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Sarri: Everything is fine at Chelsea ... except the results!

Minor details

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Chelsea v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The way Maurizio Sarri tells it, everything is just fine. Splendid, even. Hunky-dory. Peachy keen. It’s all good in the neighborhood.

Well, except one minor teeny tiny little detail so small you almost miss it. Barely worth mentioning, really.

The results.

Oh, those pesky results.

You know, the ones that have seen Chelsea win just 7 of the last 14 Premier League games, the ones that have seen Chelsea embarrassed repeatedly, the ones that have seen Chelsea eliminated from the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge (reminder: we won it last season), lose the League Cup final (ok, that’s one better than last season), and drop to sixth place in the league, one below last year’s finish.

Minor details.

“There is only one difficulty, the results. The atmosphere in the training ground is now really very good. The application of the players is better than before. The problem now is to have results with consistency.”

The way Sarri tells it, there is no problem with the Kepa situation, regardless of whether he plays today or is dropped, there is no problem with the motivation (that’s new!), and there is no problem with the future.

Just need those results.

“I spoke with Marina [Granovskaia] this week, before the final, just for good luck. I spoke to Marina after the match about the Kepa situation. We spoke about the Kepa reaction, only about this. My relationship with the club is like before.”

Well, actually, there is one more problem.

“I was disappointed for my players [with the boos at the Bridge during the 2-0 defeat against Manchester United]. Only for my players.

“But I think I can understand the fans, of course. I can understand, because they are used to winning. Now we have a difficult moment, but I’d like to see more support for my players, not for me.”

-Maurizio Sarri; source: Telegraph

It’s time to support your [FUNNING] team.

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