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Chelsea vs. Manchester City, League Cup final: Live blog it happened: lineups, updates, highlights

Chelsea v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images


5 - Raheem Sterling with impeccable technique, finishes into the top-left corner. 4-3, that’s that. Manchester City have won the 2018/19 Carabao Cup.

5 - What a penalty that was from Hazard! Chips it ever so casually and Ederson can only look on, helplessly. 3-3.

4 - Bernardo scores, right down the middle. 3-2.

4 - David Luiz aims to the left of the goal and it bounces back off the upright. 2-2

3 - KEPA SAVES FROM LEROY SANEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 - Emerson powers it past Ederson into the left.

2 - Oops. Aguero with an almost identical penalty to Jorginho, save for the hop, but it slips from under Kepa and into the net. 2-1 City.

2 - Azpilicueta buries it into the top left. corner.

1 - Gundogan scores comfortably.

1 - Jorginho with a little hop before shooting, and Ederson saves.


121min: Kepa has successfully over-ridden his own substitution! But Sarri isn’t happy about it. In fact, he’s visibly livid.

119min: What’s this, then? Willy Caballero looked all set to replace Kepa but Kepa’s.. erm, waved it off.

110min: Superb block from Azpilicueta to deny Aguero from point-blank range! A captain’s block, if I may say so.

105min: The whistle is blown to signal the half-way point in extra-time. A short break, now.

102min: Hazard’s turn to shoot from distance but it’s much more wayward an attempt than Jorginho’s.

100min: Jorginho has a shot from the edge of the box after some encouraging, patient build-up involving Hazard, Hudson-Odoi and Higuain.

94min: Gonzalo Higuain replaces Willian, with Hazard presumably going back on the left.

91min: We’re off! Come on, Chelsea!

EXTRA-TIME: Chelsea have done very well to keep the scoreline to 0-0 whilst also fashioning chances of their own.


90+5min: Fernandinho picks up an injury and looks like he won’t be able to carry on.

90+4min: Glorious turn and pass from RLC releases Hazard, who’s called for offside when linesmen are supposed to let things go. Replays show that it was the right call, marginally.

90+2min: RLC, Willian, Hazard combine down the left, then the latter gets taken out by Otamendi. Willian takes the free kick, in-swinging from the left like a short corner and almost beats Ederson directly, who palms it over for a corner. Willian’s corner is cleared, then Emerson clears for a throw to prevent a counter.

90min: 4 minutes added on.

89min: City counter, Jorginho takes out Sterling with a tactical foul and gets his deserved yellow card. Loftus-Cheek on for Barkley. City convert the free kick into a corner as Jorginho blocks Gundogan’s cross. Loftus-Cheek clears.

87min: Zinchenko commits his latest foul, this time on Hudson-Odoi, and gets a talking to. No card. Willian takes the free kick, swinging in from the right, but it’s behind everybody. Chelsea maintain possession and create a couple half chances, including a long shot from David Luiz that is blocked by a leg.

85min: Sane for De Bruyne is City’s final sub in regulation.

80min: CHO straight into action, but Otamendi wins the 1-v-1 inside the area and the chance is gone.

79min: One change each as Gundogan comes on for David Silva and Hudson-Odoi comes on for Pedro.

76min: Great one-touch passing creates an opportunity that Pedro wastes by overplaying and making one extra pass instead of just taking the shot.

73min: Willian sells Jorginho short with a layoff and City nip in. Rüdiger takes out De Bruyne, then takes out David Silva and gets a well deserved yellow. City do have a free kick just outside the box, but De Bruyne’s effort is well over the bar.

70min: Zinchenko with another foul on Pedro. Chelsea come forward from it, switching to Willian, who drops off to Barkley, but his shot, aiming for the top corner at the far post, is off the mark.

69min: Strong defensive work from Hazard, dropping all the way to win the ball from Sterling, then run all the way to halfway line and win a foul off Agüero.

66min: Willian launches a huge ball down the left for Hazard, who is 1-v-5 but beats Kompany to the touchline and lays it back for an onrushing Kanté ... but his snap shot rockets over the bar. Massive chance, big miss.

63min: Chelsea maintain a bit of possession, and even probe the opposition penalty area, but eventually lose the ball and it’s City’s turn.

58min: Otamendi gets a yellow for a hard foul on Barkley. David Luiz takes aim from 30 yards, but it’s high, wide, and not at all handsome.

56min: City have corner and Emerson clears, but Otamendi takes a swing from the top of the box. It’s blocked, but falls to Agüero, who rolls it home. But he’s offside! VAR into action at last, confirms the call.

54min: Pedro has a hard fall after losing a header against Otamendi. Gets up and looks okay to carry on.

53min: Hazard runs off Kompany and is found by Emerson. Hazard is 1-v-1 with Otamendi, but can’t beat him and City counter. David Luiz clears again.

51min: Barkley, then Jorginho give the ball away in quick succession in poor areas, but Chelsea cover well and eventually win a throw through Emerson’s quick feet.

49min: Emerson gives the ball away, but chases down De Bruyne and wins the ball back cleanly. Chelsea have a bit of possession deep in their own half.

48min: One cross from the right (just misses Agüero’s head, who had gotten ahead of Azpilicueta), one from the left (David Luiz clears), then a long shot by Fernandinho, but it’s well over.

47min: Zinchenko gives the ball away, then fouls Pedro on the right touchline. Willian swings in the cross from deep, but it’s well ahead and over everyone.

46min: City restart the match. Kompany on for an injured Laporte at half.

HALF-TIME: Chelsea’s bus parking getting the job done, but unless we find a goal from somewhere, the best we’ll be able to hope for is a penalty shootout. Which may not be the worst plan.

45+2min: Chelsea waste a promising free kick by playing it short, but Hazard wins another one in almost the same place. Willian this time crosses it in, and Chelsea don’t even attack it but City head it out for a corner. Willian takes the corner, but it’s very poor, low, and cleared at the front post.

45min: Long ball for Hazard and he wins the 50-50 against Laporte, but can’t quite fashion a shot as he’s increasingly closed down by sky blue shirts. Eventually it’s 1-v-5 and his shots is blocked.

43min: Barkley, then Willian give the ball away in the defensive third in quick succession. Willian then fouls De Bruyne on the right touchline, even with the penalty spot. KDB takes and it’s over the head of everybody but Sterling’s there to collect. His cross is half-cleared by David Luiz, then cleared by Hazard, but City come again. Kanté blocks a cross for a corner. David Luiz clears that as well, but the ball is pumped back in and Otamendi beats Emerson at the far post. His shots on the full stretch is collected by Kepa.

39min: Sterling destroys Azpilicueta, but Jorginho(!) heads clear the cross. Sterling tries again, but Azpi’s much better this time and wins a goal kick.

37min: Kanté wins the ball and Hazard looks to launch a counter, but Fernandinho’s there for the tactical foul. And he even avoids a yellow.

34min: Kanté leads a counter down the right but Hazard’s return ball is too long. City look to quickly exploit the space left by Kanté, but Chelsea recover well enough as Rüdiger clears.

32min: Chelsea create a half-chance with a Jorginho lob over the top to Hazard, but City get a head to it. Chelsea maintain possession for a minute but then give the ball away with stray through ball.

30min: Emerson beaten by Bernardo, but David Luiz is there to cover and take out the City player by the corner flag. Deserved yellow card for David Luiz. De Bruyne swings in the cross, David Luiz again clears, then Kepa catches the follow-up cross.

28min: City tic-tac-toe around in midfield as Barkley misses an interception, but Aguero’s shot from just outside the box is partially blocked by David Luiz and Kepa collects easily.

26min: Chelsea have a counter, but are quickly outnumbered. Willian finds Pedro on a switch, he’s then taken out by Zinchenko. Willian takes the free kick, inswinging from the right. Pedro heads back across but City clear. David Silva picks up a knock, but carries on after sitting on the ground for a bit.

22min: City pass it around and Chelsea sag back to the box, but a Bernardo cross still picks out Aguero at the far post. His chest control is great, but Azpilicueta closes down and the shot is snatched well over the bar.

19min: David Luiz and Kepa combine to make things interesting before Barkley is unable to hold and City press on. But Chelsea defending a throwback to better days so far, and David Luiz clears the ball repeatedly while Rüdiger marshalls Agüero.

14min: Chelsea force a turnover in midfield, but Kanté is unaware of Bernardo closing down from behind and the opportunity to counter is gone. But Chelsea recover and Willian wins a free kick to earn respite and possession.

10min: Chelsea staying compact and steady in defense, but are playing at a very slow tempo with the ball. But then, here’s the long ball from David Luiz and Kanté gets the lucky bounce and is on goal 1-v-1. But Zinchenko fouls him from behind. Red card, surely? He claims his innocence and remarkably, both the referee and VAR (if he’s alive) agree. Unbelievable.

5min: Aguero crosses, Rudiger blocks. Aguero claims arm ball, the little cheat. De Bruyne then loses his footing and cleans out Rudiger and Chelsea have the ball and the free kick.

4min: Chelsea have not conceded yet!

KICK-OFF: Chelsea get things going, with Barkley rolling the ball back from the center circle and David Luiz pumping one long down the left flank ... except he doesn’t, as Aguero is down, holding his face/chest after colliding with Jorginho on the kick-off, as if were ice hockey. One brief replay shown, inconclusive.

A chance for redemption.

A chance to turn things around.

A chance for glory.

A chance for ... pragmatism and the false-9? There’s a bit of surprise! (So it’s just like in December, rather than two weeks ago — with Emerson over Alonso, too!)

Here we go.

Chelsea starting lineup (4-3-3):
Arrizabalaga | Emerson, Rüdiger, David Luiz, Azpilicueta (c) | Barkley, Jorginho, Kanté | Willian, Hazard, Pedro

Substitutes from: Caballero, Christensen, Kovačić, Loftus-Cheek, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud, Higuaín

Manchester City starting lineup (4-3-3):
Ederseon | Zinchenko, Laporte, Otamendi, Walker | D.Silva (c), Fernandinho, De Bruyne | Sterling, Agüero, B.Silva

Substitutes from: Muric, Danilo, Kompany, Gundogan, Sane, Mahrez, Foden

Date / Time: Sunday, February 24, 2019, 16:30 GMT, 11:30am EST; 10pm IST
Venue: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Referee: Jonathan Moss

On TV: Sky Sports Main Event (UK); none (USA); MTV (India); elsewhere
Streaming online: Sky Go (UK); ESPN+ (our referral link) (USA)

Be excellent to each other.

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