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Sarri calls for more patience, immediate improvement as Kepa, Pedro, Zappacosta ruled out

Broken record

In the last five games, Chelsea have conceded 13 goals and scored a mere seven, a return good enough for a lower table team, not one with aspirations to win titles. When you factor in that five of those seven goals scored came in one match against against a 20th placed Hudderfield, the picture becomes even bleaker.

If Maurizio Sarri is to continue his Chelsea career, results must change and they must change fast for the time is running out for the eccentric Italian’s tenure. However, the games are coming thick and fast and as such, give Chelsea very little chance to drastic improvements due to lack of training time.

“As you know very well, it is not very easy. We have no time. We are trying to solve our problems. It is not easy because on the training pitch, we have no time at the moment. We are trying to talk to the players and avoid mistakes through video”

Does this mean Sarri is trying to change his system? Not quite, he knows that the system is the most obvious issue but he doesn’t see football as we simpletons do, and as such, he won’t do the things which are commonly done by other managers.

“The system is the first problem, I know very well that when we lose I have to put a striker on the pitch, when we win I put a defender on but I want to see football in another way.”

Well, that explains the highly controversial decision to bring on Zappacosta in the 82nd minute against Manchester United when we were losing 2-0. You see, he’ll bring on a striker when we’re winning and put on a defender when we’re losing. Capiche? That’s how the Sarriball works.

Speaking of things which are commonly done by other managers, Sarri has once again stated that he will, and I repeat, he will never play N’Golo Kante as deepest midfielder as he believes that Kante doesn’t move the ball fast enough to warrant playing there.

“It depends on how you see football. In that position I want to play and be able to move the ball fast, this is not the best characteristic of N’Golo [Kante], he’s very useful for us but this is not his best.”

Well, what will change then? If not his own system or Kante’s position? Well, according to Sarri, we need to change the mentality more as he believes we played better in the last match than other recent performances but it’s the mentality which leads to individual mistakes which is holding us back.

“I have to think we are able to improve and improve immediately. The result is not over in the match, we played better in the last match. We were not able to score, they played 16 balls into our box and scored 2 goals so we have to solve that problem.

“Maybe, at the moment we are doing and making mistakes with a lot of players. Everybody sooner or later was involved in one so I think we need to change the mentality more”

Football Genius Sarri also talked about the speculation surrounding his career, stating that he still believes he will be Chelsea’s manager for a long time to come as that’s his job to believe and as such he is focusing on his work with a long term target in mind. Well, I sure hope that Sarri is focusing on our problems in the short term as well or he won’t stick around long enough to enjoy the long term.

“I have to think I will be Chelsea manager for a long time or I cannot work. I am not sure but I must think this and want to work with a long term target.”

Last but not the least, Sarri talked about Chelsea team news, which has brought more bad news rather than good. Unfortunately, Chelsea have three new player issues to worry about as Zappacosta, Pedro and Kepa have all been ruled out for the upcoming match against Malmo.

While Zappacosta and Pedro are ill, it’s Kepa’s problem which is truly worrying as the goalkeeper has a hamstring injury and as such, it’s not yet guaranteed if he will play against Manchester City on Sunday either. Considering they scored 6 past us with our first keeper in the team, imagine how many they’ll score if we’re without Kepa.

“Zappacosta has flu, Pedro has a stomach ache and then we have a problem with Kepa and his hamstring.

“I hope he will be okay for Sunday.”

-Maurizio Sarri; Source: Football.London

That’s all of note from Sarri’s pre-match press conference ahead of Chelsea’s second leg against Malmo FF in Europa League.

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