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Chelsea ‘need to be ashamed’ and regroup for the rest of the season, beseeches Rüdiger

Heart on his sleeve, as usual

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea - Carabao Cup: Semi-Final First Leg

Antonio Rüdiger’s never been one to mince words, so let’s get right to it.

“Everyone needs to be ashamed of what happened in the last game. Everyone needs to think very deeply about that because you can win, lose or draw, but it’s the manner which is important.”

Strong stuff, and Toni didn’t spare anyone.

From the attacking phase...

“Nothing came from us — N’Golo [Kante] had a half chance but that was it. [We] made it too easy for Bournemouth by losing the ball up front — everyone knows Bournemouth are going on the counter, and they were waiting for this.

”We have played better this season and that’s what hurts, we didn’t really try to change this result, that is what is bad.” the defensive phase.

“If we speak about last season, we were solid in defence. Granted it was a different system, but we need to go back to basics because it’s not normal for a Bournemouth player to take on four defenders and go through.

”Those basics are to win challenges, to look for challenges. It’s nice if you have possession but everyone needs to know what their job is, which is, first and foremost, getting a clean sheet.”

From the inconsistency...

“We have to find continuity because right now there are too many ups and downs. We have to win against Huddersfield and show a big reaction after the Bournemouth defeat.” the commitment...

”Tactics is not my business because I am not the coach, I am a player, but everyone needs to commit again.” the lack of teamwork...

“Everyone needs to know what’s going on right now, if you think as an individual you will fail.” the downright poor execution.

“This month we will show our real face, everyone needs to be ready for that. There is a lot on the line. The outcome in this month will show which way we go.”

What is Chelsea’s real face?

No one may know.

But if we listen to Rüdiger, one of the few (developing) vocal leaders on the team, we might just find out.

“We call ourselves a top team, but this cannot happen to us. We have to be mentally strong for the rest of the season. It’s clear now, we are Chelsea, there has been a lot of criticism from outside but here we must be cool in our mind and be honest with ourselves.”

-Antonio Rüdiger; source: Sky

So say we all.

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