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Azpilicueta trots out usual hollow post-match reassurances after FA Cup loss to Manchester United

Increasingly meaningless words

Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Another day, another embarrassing loss. This is now our lot in life. At least people are still getting angry. But apathy might not be too far behind. Chelsea seem to be on cruise control, on the path to nowhere, after all.

Everything’s one-note these days, from the football to the reactions. In fairness, media duties for coaches and players tend to result in a lot of banalities even in the best of times. When things go awry, the great big book of media training only has a few default phrases to choose from.

Captain Dave, as one would expect of the Captain, did his rounds after the match last night, talking to the BBC and to Chelsea TV, and hitting all the usual notes.

“It has been a tough night because we didn’t convert our game into chances. We are disappointed, we are eliminated, we are the holders. It is a frustrating night. It has been a tough night for everyone but we know that the fans support us in every moment.

”We are used to winning trophies, we have been the most successful team in England for the last few years. The only thing I can say is that we will give everything, we will work hard. We have the Europa League and the final on Sunday. Hopefully we can keep calm, starting on Thursday and win a trophy on Sunday.”

-César Azpilicueta; source: BBC

Azpilicueta chooses the correct focus — fans, winning, hard work — but until we see that consistently in action, they will be words as empty as Sarri’s promises of fun football.

The right words need the right thoughts and the right actions. The latter two seem to be lacking in spades these days.

Maybe this is the turning point? Unlikely — why would this instance be any different from the instances we’ve seen over the past few months — but hope dies last.

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