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Chelsea 0-2 Manchester United, FA Cup: Post-match reaction

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LOL, we suck

Chelsea v Manchester United - FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Whatever Chelsea needed today, this was not it.

Defenders and goalkeeper exposed by a non-existent and shapeless midfield.

A midfield that relies on the best defensive midfielder in the world for attacking impetus.

An attack that needs Hazard’s inconsistent magic to have any hope of scoring.

A team with seemingly no idea how to attack effectively or defend safely or even take a decent set piece (free kick or corner) or work as a team instead of separate units. Any chance of a comeback after conceding the first goal? Don’t make us laugh.

A coach with one plan and one plan only, and that down to his substitutions, even.

A fanbase that evidently has had enough.

Absolutely shambolic.

  • “First-choice” lineup, with Kovačić and Pedro getting the nods in the two positions that aren’t nailed on.
  • Standard subs of Willian for Pedro, Barkley for Kovacic.
  • Third change of Zappacosta for Azpi, which may have made sense but just rubbed salt in the wounds.
  • How much longer will Sarri get? Bruce Buck looking glum in the posh seats.
  • Next up: Second leg against Malmö on Thursday, then the League Cup final on Sunday. We’ll probably win one of those, so we’ve got that going for us at least.