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Chelsea set for ‘amazing future’, declares Number One Sarri Fan

David Luiz predicts the future

Chelsea FC v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Of all the Chelsea players, the man who’s seemingly bought into Maurizio Sarri’s ideals the most is probably not one of the ex-Napoli contingent, be that Gonzalo Higuain or even Jorginho who is the lynchpin to all things Sarriball. Instead, it’s Mr. Enjoy The Life himself, David Luiz, who’s been a player reborn under Sarri after having a bad time of it under Conte last season.

The 31-year-old has spoken repeatedly about how much not only his footballing ideals but his general philosophy of life aligns with the teachings and approach of the man almost twice age, so it’s entirely unsurprising that he’s continuing to give glowing reviews of Sarri’s prospects at the club, even after all the bad results of the last couple months and the seemingly slowly brewing palpable discord behind the scenes.

”The most important thing is for us to keep our philosophy, to believe in what we are doing. We did that against Malmo; we were trying to play from the beginning to the end. We are doing what [Sarri] wants us to do and we are trying to improve. It is part of the process.

“We lost against maybe the best team in the world in Manchester City. They were better than us from the beginning to the end. We lost a few matches because it is part of the process. The teams that are at the top of the table now are ones with managers who have been there for more than three years. There is a big difference when you have already understood everything; it is much easier to play football. I think we are in the right way to still improve and become a fantastic team.

”This is normal. I have played in big clubs for many, many years. When you win it is good, but when you lose nobody is going to be happy, and the pressure is going to be there. We are working together and we work for [the fans]. We will try to make them happy and we will do everything we can to try to make them happy. I think we have to be positive and think about what we can do now because the past is the past – we cannot change it. We have to do things that we can do now.”

And it’s not just the veteran center back (who’s also playing for a new contract) who continues to believe in and trust the methods of Sarri. As he tells it, the entire team is united behind the head coach, despite recent reports to the contrary.

“Yes, [we have an] amazing future. We have had many meetings already asking that if someone doesn’t believe, they can say. Nobody said anything. It’s because everyone believes.”

-David Luiz; source: Goal

(Or maybe they’re all just keeping mum, like a certain club captain?)

In any case, David Luiz’s world sounds full of positivism, hope, rainbows, and unicorns. As usual.

I want to go to there. As usual.

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