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Chelsea hint at commemorative shirt to celebrate 50th anniversary of first FA Cup win


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Soccer - FA Cup - Final Replay - Chelsea v Leeds United Photo by S&G/PA Images via Getty Images

Not long after Nottingham Forest were drawn against Chelsea for the FA Cup Third Round, a cryptic post showed up on Chelsea’s social media feeds.

The post is a ten-second video that features the number 50, this year’s marketing phrase, “It’s a Chelsea Thing”, the club’s lion rampant in golden yellow on what looks like a classic royal blue shirt, and a reveal date, 21 December 2019.

Astute (and/or old) Chelsea supporters have noted that this is likely in reference to the 1969-70 team, who won the club’s first FA Cup trophy, beating Leeds United in the final in what is still considered a most classic encounter.

The FA Cup Final back then adhered to similar rules as other rounds do today, so when Chelsea’s late equalizer at (old) Wembley forced extra time at 2-2, but that 30-minute extra time produced no goals, a replay was held 18 days later, this time at Old Trafford. That match also went into extra time as Chelsea once again nicked a late equalizer. A minute before the first period of extra time, Chelsea scored again, taking the lead for the first time in over 220 minutes of FA Cup final football, and holding on to the historic win.

In addition to noting the extremely muddy and — by today’s standards — unplayable pitch, Chelsea legend Peter Osgood’s diving header is a beauty (2:35). The long throw-in that led to the winner is pretty fun to watch too.

Chelsea wore all blue with white socks and badging at Wembley — that shirt, or something very similar, has long been available in the Megastore — but switched to all blue with yellow socks, accents and numbering at Old Trafford — which has not.

Though Chelsea already have several retro shirts up for sale, this appears to be different, and something a bit more special. If it is indeed a new commemorative kit — or even just shirt — the elements already unveiled have us drooling. (Ed.note: it’s certainly better than that awful Nike commemorative kit for 19 May 2012, which was released around this time last year!)

I know the holiday season is approaching and you’ll be trying your best to be thoughtful toward the ones you love, but given this tease, that blue, and that yellowish gold — does your mom really need that new juicer, or can she make do with another hand-drawn family portrait, just like the old times? It’s the thought that counts.

Soccer - FA Cup - Final Replay - Chelsea v Leeds United
Chopper Harris holds aloft the FA Cup trophy
Photo by S&G/PA Images via Getty Images

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