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Azpilicueta calls for end to racism ‘not just in football but in life’ after Rüdiger suffers abuse at Tottenham Stadium

Azpilicueta on reporting the racist abuse of Antonio Rüdiger by Spurs fans to the match referee


Chelsea’s exceptional win against Tottenham Hotspur at New Three Point Lane was marred by racist abuse of Antonio Rüdiger, which, for the first time ever in a Premier League match, led to a brief stoppage in play and three stadium announcements regarding it.

The fallout from the incident is only starting — bans for the culprits should be expected, at minimum.

It was yet another sad reminder of this massive problem in our modern society. Turning a blind eye does not work. We must shine a light on the darkest corners.

After the match, Chelsea captain César Azpilicueta explained how the protocol was followed and expressed his hope that it’s a step in the right direction.

“It is made very clear to us all that if we have heard any racist incident to report it. Tony came to me and told me he was listening to racist songs towards him so I reported it to the referee. We are very concerned and aware of this behaviour. Altogether we need to make it stop. I hope everything gets clear and we eradicate it as soon as possible. It‘s an issue not just in football but in life.”

-César Azpilicueta; source: BBC

Half measures are useless. If we are to have any hope of eradicating it, we must take decisive action.

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