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WATCH: Chelsea hype Spurs, Arsenal derbies for “happy” holidays

We can only hope they’ll be happy

Remember this moment.

Remember how you feel.

You might feel a lot worse in a few days, or in ten days. Then you can come back to this feeling. It may not be unreserved happiness. But it’s still contentment. Still better than the darkest timeline alternative.

Of course, we might also feel a LOT better in a few days or in ten days. Wins against Spurs and/or Arsenal would certainly do that. (There’s also the home game against Southampton in-between on Boxing Day, but apparently we don’t care too much about that.)

Anyway, derby against Spurs on Sunday. Then derby against Arsenal the Sunday after that. Both away, but both close. London derbies, there’s nothing like it for us.

Willian, Jorginho, Pulisic, Mikel’s No.10 Nigeria shirt, and a pair of bright yellow beats headphones star in this hype video. It’s not actually sponsored by beats, at least not as far as I can tell, but it feels like a beats promo video.

Either way, just win please.

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