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PICTURES: Chelsea train in the cold for Crystal Palace; plus Caballero no-look penalty save

Winter is coming but the work doesn’t stop

Chelsea conducted one final training session before Saturday’s early kickoff against Crystal Palace — which will then be followed by a two week break for boredom international football — and it was a rather cold on as the UK gets hit by an early pre-winter cold snap this weekend.

Yes, winter is coming. Let’s hope it turns out better than Season 8.

So as the players and coaches bundled up — Mateo Kovačić, as usual, leading he way for the players, while Captain Dave, Captain America, Captain Slow, and Captain ... ugh Ross Barkley? ... braved the elements in just shorts and socks. Impressive.

But none of that was as impressive as Willy Caballero stopping a penalty kick without even looking at it. No, really, he had his back turned and everything! I suppose it just underlines the idea that sometimes stopping a penalty comes down to making yourself as big as possible to cover as much of the goal as possible, and guessing the right way. Either way, it’s impressive.

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