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Mourinho rewrites history, insinuates Chelsea Academy youth were ‘not good enough’

Oh Jose

English football club Chelsea manager Jo...
Chelsea Academy director Neil Bath chatting with Chelsea head coach Jose Mourinho in 2007
Photo by KAMBOU SIA/AFP via Getty Images

Look, I know it’s Mourinho. And this is what he does. It’s why we love(d) him, and why others hate(d) him.

He’s going to say all the things that will endear him to his current team’s fans, and if they rile up the opponents at the same time, then all the better. And obviously circumstances can and do change over the time, and things you say 5-10 years ago may not come true for a wide variety of reasons and developments in, but also out of your own control.

But some of this nonsense is just too funny to ignore. The man rewrites history more than most actual victors.

We already saw how he’s managed to get over his “love” of Chelsea fans (not club, but fans, he specifically said at the time, nine months before he tanked the club to within a point of the relegation zone). Now we see (further) confirmation of the B.S. he was spinning with regards to the Chelsea youth at around the same time. You know, the part about the Lewis Baker generation being the best, about “Academy Days”, and about making it his own responsibility to ensure their future success.

“My conscience is, for example, to say to you that I think Baker, Brown, Solanke, if in a few years they are not national team players, I should blame myself. They are part of a process the club started without me. Now, we have players who will be Chelsea players. And when they become Chelsea players, they will become England players, almost for sure. I’m not saying we’re doing it just for English football, because it is also about us.”

-Jose Mourinho, July 2014

Let’s how that assessment has evolved in the 5.5 years since.

“There is not one manager in the world that doesn’t like to play young players and to help young players to develop - not one.”

”The problem is that sometimes you get into clubs where the work that is below you is not good enough to produce these players.

“So I look to our history and you see that the academy is always giving talents the first team need. Of course I always look forward to working with that profile.”

-Jose Mourinho; source: Tottenham Hotspur FC via Mirror


Any thoughts, Jody Morris?

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