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Drogba turned down Chelsea offer to run for President of Ivorian Football Federation

Making a difference

Drogba speaking at CEO Talk in September
Photo by SIA KAMBOU/AFP via Getty Images

Football legend Didier Drogba retired from playing at the end of the 2018 USL season in America, and as expected, he returned to Stamford Bridge six months later. But it was only to play in Soccer Aid 2019. Drogba would not be part of the influx of Chelsea legends- and heroes-turned-coaches later that summer.

As it turns out, it wasn’t for a lack of trying from the club. There was a “perfect” offer ready for Didier. But Didier had bigger things in mind. Of course he did.

“I had an offer to stay at Chelsea where everything would be perfect and conditions are met. But I want to help Ivorian football because I love it!

“I am a leader, and my vision is bigger than just the simple role of being a coach. A coach has an impact on a club – but I want to have an impact on an entire nation.”

When Didier Drogba came to Chelsea, he didn’t come just to score goals and win games. He came to score the biggest goals and win the biggest games. When Didier Drogba represented his nation, he didn’t just pull on the shirt to play in World Cups. He pulled on the shirt to stop civil wars and build hospitals. When Didier Drogba went to America, he didn’t go just to play football. He went to play football and to become part-owner of a football club.

So of course he doesn’t just want to make an impact at one club now that he’s retired! That’s our Didier.

And there’s little doubt he’ll be just as successful at this latest challenge as all the other challenges he’s faced before.

“I want us to re-think football, with a nationwide vision, so we can develop the game here. The Ivory Coast has a glorious footballing past. The funds are in place, together with talent and potential, but they are under-exploited. There are some very competent people in the Ivory Coast who can work with me on this project.”

-Didier Drogba; source: Metro

Drogba was speaking to leaders from lower tier clubs yesterday, and apparently received their backing in his bid to become the next president of the Ivorian Football Federation. Current president Augustin Sidy Diallo’s tenure runs out next month, which is also when his successor will be voted in.

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