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Jadon Sancho idolized Lampard, Drogba, Ronaldinho so obviously he’s joining Chelsea


England Media Access Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Chelsea Football Club used to be where young football careers went to die. Now we’re the epicenter of youth, especially of the homegrown kind. Funny how narratives can change so quickly! (As with all narratives, there’s at least a kernel of truth to that, but it’s all quite reductive and simplified.)

Anyway, apparently what’s been also decided, verified, and Twitter-approved is that Jadon Sancho will be the next big Chelsea signing. He’s young (check!), English (check!), is friends with several of the current Chelsea squad (check!), and was possibly a Chelsea fan, even, while growing up in South London. Check, check, check, check — science!

And if that wasn’t enough, two of his three idols growing up were Chelsea legends, including the current manager. I hope we have the paperwork ready to go!

“Ronaldinho was the main guy I used to watch on YouTube. But I liked Frank Lampard quite a lot and Didier Drogba when they were playing for Chelsea. They were the three players I looked up to.”

-Jadon Sancho; source: Independent

Welcome to Chelsea, Jadon. Let’s win some things.

In all seriousness, Sancho has been increasingly linked with Chelsea over the past year or so, and was one of the first names spit out by the least silly orifice of the rumor mill after the recent CAS developments regarding Chelsea’s transfer ban hearing. It’s as reasonable as a rumor as we may find these days — Chelsea do presumably have a decent relationship with BVB after the Batshuayi and Pulisic deals — and it seems a foregone conclusion that Sancho will return to the Premier League sooner rather than later following his star-making turn in the Bundesliga. It might as well be at Chelsea, especially as Willian and Pedro approach the ends of their Stamford Bridge stays.

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