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Chelsea 2019-20 Metrics Dashboard, Matchweek 7: A Long Overdue Update

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Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats Everybody!

So, thanks to having to move all of my home computer setup into my new garage “workshop” and set up a new home workstation AND server, I had some delays in recent updates on the dashboard. Things should be good to go now, however, and I do request anyone who’s interested to double check the data.

I haven’t been able to add anything new (yet) for the above reasons, but I do have plans to do so, and have been doing some research on the structure and set up of new “stuff” to implement soon.

With the international week coming up after the next match, I should be able to insert some cool stuff next week.

Here’s the latest snapshot:

And here’s the URL to the Tableau project.

Oh, almost forgot, I did add a tool tip for the table points. Minor thing, but it is an update.