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The time for patience with Christian Pulisic is over

“Hey Siri, play Pulisicko Mode”


Much has been written and discussed ad nauseam about Christian Pulisic’s first few months at Chelsea. Chelsea fans have been anxiously awaiting a glimpse of proof that steep transfer for Pulisic was worth it. USMNT fans and the American media have been growing in frustration and concern about Pulisic’s up-and-down start and perceived lack of minutes.

Frank Lampard has expressed on multiple occasions that Pulisic needs time to settle. Calls for patience have been noted. Despite Pulisic’s lack of starts, he’s making an impact with his appearances off the bench.

Perhaps lost in all the hubbub was how the man himself would deal with his newfound adversity.

“The first few months were definitely hard. I had a few starts then I fell out a bit and I had to get any minutes I could. The last few weeks I was able to show that again that I was helping that team in the Newcastle game and I think they saw that and gave me a start today. I didn’t think it was going to happen right away being a big success and coming into a big club like this. It takes time. I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far and I’m gonna keep going.”

Today marked Pulisic’s first start since August — and he did not disappoint. Each of his three goals showed incredible individual quality and provided well-needed proof of what the young American can deliver in the world’s greatest league.

On the first goal, Pulisic showed the workrate and effort that Lampard has spoken of wanting his wide attackers to provide. His fresh legs and desire to press and harass the opposition paid off, as he forced Matt Lowton to spin on the ball into a a giveaway.

Pulisic instantly capitalized and ran directly to goal to initiate the counter attack. Furthermore, he displayed the confidence to shoot across goal on his weaker left foot.

“I just took a poor touch there and right away I just wanted to get it back. I was gonna go straight to goal with my left but I had to slow down a little bit, put a little move on, and yeah I guess it went through his legs, bottom corner.”

On the second goal, Pulisic again picked up a Burnley giveaway and went straight into attack mode running direct to goal. What is again promising with this goal is Pulisic quickly assesses his options and decides to take on James Tarkowski.

“I saw the space to my right foot and obviously got a nice deflection.”

To complete his perfect hat trick, Pulisic scored a wonderful headed goal that looked to be behind him. The technique is there, despite not being known as an aerial goal threat (yet).

“Back in my youth days I scored a few headers but professionally this is maybe my second one. It was pretty special, kind of a perfect hat trick. I was kinda just able to flick it on. I couldn’t believe it went in when I turned around.

Pulisic nearly forgot to grab the match ball as a keepsake! Now that he’s shown his quality and capability, he will hopefully remember for next time!

“I honestly didn’t even think about it. Thankfully my teammates reminded me of it.”

“Unreal. What a day for me. I’m even happier with the result and I wish we could’ve gotten a clean sheet but in the end definitely a special day for me.”

- Christian Pulisic; Source: NBCSports

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