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Atlético Mineiro working on deal to keep Chelsea loanee Nathan in Brazil — report

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Taking action

According to a report from UOL, Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro are already looking into ways to keep Chelsea loanee Nathan in the team once his loan deal, which is set to end in December this year, expires.

Although Atlético recently changed coaches, moving on from Rodrigo Santana to hire Vágner Mancini, Nathan has not lost steps within the team under the new boss. In fact he was involved from kickoff in a massive 2-0 win over Santos last weekend, with the Belo Horizonte side beating one of the title favourites to end a five-match streak with no victories in sight.

One of the ways to turn Nathan’s temporary stay into a permanent transfer would be to extend his loan for a further six-month tenure, with an expiration date which will coincide with the player’s contract as a Chelsea player (which has not been renewed since his arrival in July 2015).

Luckily for them, Nathan’s wishes to stay at the club are clear; and his parent club, Chelsea, are not keen on putting any obstacles in their path either. Now the burden is on Nathan’s father, as well as Brazilian super-agent Giuliano Bertolucci, to make it all happen.