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Giroud again reiterates intention to push for first-team minutes at Chelsea

Not accepting his fate

Iceland v France - Euro Qualifications Photo by Anthony Dibon/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Olivier Giroud’s plight at club level has been a frequent topic of discussion recently, but the veteran striker has been saying all the right things even when he’s not been playing anywhere near as much as he might have imagined.

And it’s no different in his latest published quotes on the subject, which make it clear that while he’s not just accepting his fate, he’s only using it to motivate himself rather than to agitate things around his situation.

“Accept it? No, I do not accept it. You do not have to be fatalistic in certain situations. I have always been respectful and humble. Even if I do not agree with the coach, I do not criticise him.

“But in myself, I cannot accept it because I know what I’m worth on a pitch. Last year, when I felt that I deserved to play, I asked the coach for explanations.”

Giroud has also acknowledged Abraham’s fantastic form and unlike with Álvaro Morata and Gonzalo Higuaín, he’s seeing why the head coach is picking someone else instead of him. The 33-year-old has thrived in that sort of competitive environment his whole career, which gives him the confidence in pushing on once again.

“It was not easy to leave Arsenal for Chelsea two years ago. I loved Arsenal. But it was a progression because Chelsea is the English club that has won the most titles, with Manchester City, in ten years.

“I had competitors in attack – Morata, Higuain, who ended up leaving. I won at the end: I played the final of the FA Cup in 2018 and the European Cup final in 2019.

“Once again, I’m starting the year in difficulty, but as my brother said, I have always built myself in the face of adversity. Although I would like there to be less!”

-Olivier Giroud; source: Le Pèlerin via Metro

As said before, Giroud has the perfect attitude in this case, both for his own and the club’s benefit. Whether he plays a lot or plays a little, he will be making a solid contribution to Chelsea’s success this season.

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