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David Luiz set to sign Chelsea contract extension — report

Good news!

After a bit of haggling, Chelsea and David Luiz reportedly have managed to figure out a mutually agreeable deal, which the defender is expected to sign ... soon.

Goal say he’s “ready to put pen to paper” on the one-year extension, which is in line with Chelsea’s over-30 club policy.

Earlier rumors had the 31-year-old’s representatives demanding multiple years and/or appropriate financial compensation to account for the reduced length. It’s not revealed whether Chelsea relented on any of those demands (except the contract length one), but the important part is that the deal appears to be done and David Luiz is set to sign.

David Luiz, the more mature calm edition, has been a key player for Sarri since day one, and the Chelsea head coach has spoken many times about his hope that a new contract extension can be agreed for the curly haired one who’s become known (again) for his tremendous long-ball distribution from the back.

Sign him up!

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