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Napoli stadium announcer confirms he will not follow Higuaín to Stamford Bridge

Decibel Bellini staying put in Naples forever!

We’ve got Sarri, we’ve got Jorginho, and now we’ve got Higuaín, too. Anyone else?

How about Daniele “Decibel” Bellini, the loudest voice at the San Paolo? Would could provide the perfect introduction for Gonzalo — HI! GUA! ÍN! — even if the Bridge isn’t at all associated with wonderful displays of call-and-answer (deposed stadium announcer Neil Barnett’s John Te-RRREEE of days past does not count).

(Here is that clip in HD quality, for the ultimate experience)

Yesterday’s confirmation of Chelsea’s newest No.9 made for a fun diversion before the drama of today’s League Cup semifinal second leg against Spurs, but alas, Higuaín will not be able to make his debut just yet.

But even once he does, his introduction is likely to be a bit more low-key.

Bellini, who also moonlights as a DJ, picked up on the amusing tweet from the Dugout, and confirmed that he’s very much Napoli sempre, now and forever.

So that’s disappointing. Maybe Jorginho could’ve been re-inspired, too...

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