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David Luiz: Every Chelsea player still trusts and believes in Sarri, but he needs time

Sarri-ball’s number one fan hasn’t lost faith at all

Arsenal FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

It’s safe to say that David Luiz adores Maurizio Sarri. Not only has Sarri brought him back in from the cold this season after Conte locked him in the doghouse and threw away the keys last year, but the two kindred souls agree on both a philosophy of football, as well as a philosophy of life in general. Obviously that’s a situation that David, who’s in talks with Chelsea over extending his expiring contract, is hoping will continue for a long time.

“What he has done has been amazing, so we have to try to improve the details now. I don’t think [that players are turning on him], everybody is trusting his job and everybody is with him.”

Nothing less than ultimate devotion should be expected from Sarri-ball’s number one fan of course, though that doesn’t invalidate David Luiz’s message after Saturday’s 2-0 debacle against Arsenal. The situation, he assures, is far less dramatic than it’s been made out to be following Sarri’s lambasting of the squad’s mentality.

“He was not happy, but nobody was happy, so it was normal.

“It is our style, it is our philosophy, I think if you asked at the beginning of the season can Chelsea keep the ball you would have said no. And now we are able to do that, like the best teams in the world, but then we have to improve our last 25 metres. It is part of the process, when you try to do something and this is inside your mind, if you believe in it you can arrive there.”

The defender’s words match training ground sources such as the Independent’s Miguel Delaney, who reports that the players have “no complaints” so far and they continue to “really like” and “greatly enjoy” Sarri and his training and football-educating methods. This is in contrast with players growing reportedly “bored” with Conte and “bewildered” with Mourinho’s methods in recent seasons.

That’s all well and good while results are good. When results start going south, questions start to be asked. And that historically at Chelsea has meant that change is not far off. David Luiz is however urging for everyone to keep believing, and maybe for a little bit of patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Sarrismo.

“Because of the results if you start to change and change, you don’t go anywhere. So this is our philosophy, I believe in it, I trust in it, so I just know we have to improve, like every team in the world.

”What Sarri has done until now is unbelievable, amazing, because normally a team to understand this philosophy needs one or two years, like Man City and Liverpool, who are playing very well with the ball now.”

-David Luiz; source: FourFourTwo

Let’s hope he’s right.

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