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Courtois tries to make amends with Chelsea fans, fails

Uh yeah, nice try

Girona FC v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Thibaut Courtois would like to let you know that he feels sad. Wait, wait ... hold the tears. Let him explain.

He’s feeling sad not because he’s warming the bench at Real Madrid despite his Golden Gloves, or because he broke his promises to the club and the fans. No, he’s feeling sad because of all the anger and bad vibes surrounding his transfer to Real Madrid, the vast majority of which came as a result of his own actions and words.

Ok, you can stop holding back the tears now.

Courtois is now trying to make amends. He says he wants to remember just the good times. It’s a little too soon for that however, I’m afraid.

“I loved playing there and I am happy to have won two Premier Leagues, a league cup and an FA Cup. Hopefully it will turn around.”

“I will always look back with a happy feeling to Chelsea. had a chance to go back to Spain to be closer to my kids. That was an important thing for me. I know that a lot of Chelsea fans will understand my decision. I wish them the best and I am happy to see that they have won their first four games and I hope they can go on and win the league.”

That’s all well and good, but his whole sob-story falls apart when he tries to explain why he didn’t report back after the World Cup.

“It makes me feel sad and obviously they don’t know all the truth.”

Go on...

”I think in March the decision was already made and I thought the club would accept it. Then because the transfer was closed I did not show up because I thought it better not to disturb the team and the squad. If I did go there maybe, I didn’t want to be toxic, so obviously it is a pity because I love Chelsea.”

-Thibaut Courtois; source: Sky


So, the transfer was closed (or at least he had decided) in March already, yet in the same month, he said he’s “committed” to Chelsea and “will be here” and he’s annoyed by all the rumors. A couple months later, he was even reportedly left “baffled” by Chelsea shopping for a replacement. Prior to that, he had said repeatedly that, at the very least or very worst, he was willing to see out his contract at Chelsea. During the World Cup he assured that no decision had been made one way or another. Right after the World Cup, he was claiming he was coming back for further talks at Chelsea“I will be coming back, for sure, and I will see what they want to do”. Three weeks later, he did the exact opposite. But remember, the deal to Real was done in March and he didn’t want it to be toxic because then that would make the poor guy so sad. Aww.

Lies and the lying liars who tell them — Courtois should consider a career in politics after he’s done with this football nonsense. In all honesty, at this point I’m not even sure I care which one of his statements is true.

Go peddle your liesssss elsewhere, friendo.

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