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Morata tips his hand about actually wanting out from Chelsea last summer

Some secrets can’t be kept

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Sometimes people find a way to tell the truth despite themselves. Maybe it’s their conscience. Maybe the pressure of keeping a big secret is more they they can contain. Whatever the reason, they let it slip.

What’s that have to do with Chelsea Football Club?

In ways big and small, Alvaro Morata has tried to tell us that he most definitely tried to bail out on his five year Chelsea contract after just one season. Battered, bruised and demoralized after a campaign he himself has described as “a disaster,” Morata tried to flee back to the safe confines of Serie A last summer.

Oh, he’s played the denial game. This week he said “you cannot run away from reality.” Last month, he said all the rumors were “not true”. In June, he responded to an Instagram post by writing “Very excited to start again. The past was hard but that is only one more reason to begin fighting again.”

Why issue denials? Because in May he just happened — total coincidence — to run into Juve’s director of football, Fabio Paratici, while shopping in Milan. Inconveniently for him, there was a camera in the neighborhood.

In July, Italian media reported that Chelsea were considering a straight swap for Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain. And in late July, the-then brainstrust of Milan — since replaced — of Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli had dinner with Morata and his agent in London.

Lots of circumstantial evidence. A couple of pro forma denials.

And then this.

Morata tells Spanish radio station Cadena SER that he knew that Cristiano Ronaldo was moving to Juventus, the blockbuster move of the transfer window, before the World Cup, which was long before Juventus made the announcement.

“I though he was going to renew his contract. Then I talked to a Juventus director and they told me they were going to sign him. I couldn’t believe it. They told me that before the World Cup! Regardless, he left Real Madrid for another spectacular club.”

Now, it’s possible that Juve’s directors are a chatty lot who are happy to divulge their club’s biggest secrets to a former, part-time player. It’s also possible that automobiles will abandon starter motors and go back to hand cranks.

Possible. But not very likely.

What’s much more likely is that Morata was trying to engineer a return to Turin. What’s more likely is that that “accidental” meeting with Paratici was anything but an accident. What’s more likely is that Juve finally told Morata and his agent that although they wanted to unload Higuain and ordinarily might welcome Morata back, they had neither the room nor the budget because Cristiano Ronaldo was going to come in and hog it all.

If we may borrow a cliché from the man who coined it, take it away Will Shakespeare:

“The truth will come to light, and murder can’t be hidden long—a man’s son may hide, but truth will always come out.”

William Shakespeare; The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene 2.

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