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Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea, Player Ratings: Caballero the 6-save unsung hero

Community Player Ratings from Chelsea’s win at Anfield in the League Cup

Manchester City v Chelsea - FA Community Shield Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

1. EDEN HAZARD (9.4)

Minutes: 35
Touches: 23
Passes: 7/8
Shots: 1*/2
Take-ons: 1/2
Fouls drawn: 2
Tackles+INTs+Blocks: 1+1+1

Eden Hazard has had his praises sung endlessly since his goal. Let’s take a break from that. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but let’s talk briefly about someone else.


Minutes: 90
Touches: 57
Passes: 31/39
Saves: 6

Namely, let’s talk about Willy Caballero. Big Willy. Willy 2. Best Willy. Free Willy? Fun fact: the first movie I ever saw twice in the theater was the original Free Willy. Current Me questions Young Me’s life decisions sometimes.

Anyway, Caballero has played in two games so far this season, against the two toughest opponents we’ve faced. He was on the losing end against Manchester City in the Community Shield, but was our Man of the Match. He was on the winning end against Liverpool — just like in the League Cup final two years ago! — and was almost Man of the Match. If Hazard doesn’t do his thing, there’s a decent chance Caballero gets the honor. Six saves on the night to keep Chelsea in the game (honorable mention: Sturridge missing the open net and hitting the crossbar). He also played a key role in build-up and possession, which isn’t something we’ve seen Arrizabalaga really (have to?) do yet.

All hail the backup goalkeeper!

3. EMERSON (7.2)

Minutes: 90
Touches: 64
Passes: 39/43
Shots: 1*/1
Clearances: 5
Aerial duels: 3

Emerson is on course to score as many goals as starts he might get. So possibly five. Decent effort from the backup left back overall, but if we’re ever looking for some defense out of that position, Azpilicueta’s going to have dust off his Mourinho tactics books and bone up on the role once again. Thanks Dave! (Also, please get over this poor form, Azpi, and soon, like before Saturday...)

vs. LIVERPOOL (LC, A, W 2-1)

EXCEPTIONAL (9.0+): Hazard (9.4, sub)

EXCELLENT (8.0-8.9): Caballero (8.0)

GOOD (7.0-7.9): Emerson (7.2), Kanté (7.1, sub)

AVERAGE (6.0-6.9): David Luiz (6.9, sub), Barkley (6.7), Cahill (6.7), Fàbregas (6.7), Kovačić (6.7), Moses (6.3), Christensen (6.0), Willian (6.0)

POOR (5.0-5.9): Azpilicueta (5.9), Morata (5.5)

BAD (4.0-4.9): —

TERRIBLE (3.0-3.9): —


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