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Eden Hazard still doesn’t care about how many goals he scores

He just wants to enjoy his football

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Liverpool v Chelsea - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

This is so Eden Hazard.

After scoring a goal so gorgeous it can blow your mind, reassemble the pieces and then blow it all over again, the man says he doesn’t care about scoring.

“I don’t have (goal) targets to be fair — my only target is to win something every year. I want to win trophies. It is not important how many goals I score. You know me, I don’t care about that. I just want to enjoy my football and win games.”

Enjoying his football has sometimes been seen as a problem with his succession of Chelsea coaches — and a few teammates, too, like Cesc Fàbregas. Not because he’s ever bad for too long, but because they all see that should he ever develop a Cristiano Ronaldo-like fixation on hearing the clank of the ball hitting the back of the net, he could soar into the stratosphere of world football.

Alas, he’s just not that type of character. Never has been, and probably never will be.

But while we’re all scrabbling around the floor looking for those eyeballs that he made pop out on Wednesday night, Hazard is at least willing to concede that this business of him scoring is a good thing. He even allows that it would be handy if it were to continue.

“At the moment I am scoring goals, that is why everyone is talking for me to be in the top three (players). It is a pleasure to be there. I just want to keep going. I am the same player as two years ago, three years ago. I’m now in a period that I score a lot of goals, and hopefully I keep on scoring.

”It won’t be simple. Definitely not in the Premier League. I’m feeling good since the FA Cup final. Something you see. I play in strong teams, here with Chelsea and with Belgium who were very good at the World Cup, and that helps me to perform better too.”

He now has six overall; five in the league (in six matches, of which four were starts) and the aforementioned public health hazard he unleashed against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup. He’s executing Sarri’s tactics, including defensively.

“You see it on the pitch. We have different players, players that we didn’t have last season, players who like to have the ball. We have more possession than before. The attacking players benefit from that. We get more touches, more opportunities to create chances, to dribble more, more chances to shoot on target. Sarri is a manager who likes to have the ball. That makes a big difference. Besides that, he’s an Italian. Just like Conte there’s a lot of tactics and we have to work hard in training.

“But I don’t feel like saying that I didn’t have any freedom under my previous managers. Conte and Mourinho also let me do what I wanted in the last third. That’s why I could excel under them, too. Defensively, I know what I have to do.”

With that pesky contract extension hanging over everything he does this season — “I haven’t signed a contract. Not yet. Not yet.” — Eden continues to take a wait-and-see attitude. It wouldn’t be right to call him disgruntled, though. He’s definitely gruntled.

“Even when the things are not going well, I try to be happy when I am on the pitch. That is why I like football. At the moment, we are winning games so it is more easy to smile but when I am on the pitch I just try to be happy. At the moment it is good. I am scoring goals, we are playing good, so I am enjoying it but we will see in the future.

“We won the last FA Cup last year. We know the Premier League is going to be hard. City and Liverpool, they have a lot of good players.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Telegraph

Hmm ... win the league and he stays? At the moment, anything seems possible. But some of that would be a lot easier of he could just do that Wednesday thing 30 more times.

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