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WATCH: Hudson-Odoi beats Morata, Jorginho in training ground shooting challenge

“The best young player at Chelsea” wins the friendly, Carabao-sponsored contest at Cobham

“They will put this on the Internet, come on!” exclaims Álvaro Morata, a bit too self-aware as always, as Callum Hudson-Odoi steps up to take his first shot in the latest episode of Carabao’s “Can You Kick It” series.

Callum misses with his first take, but then hits with most of the rest, including a lovely curling shot into the top-right corner, worth a whopping four points. He tacks on a couple more singles afterwards for good measure. With 7 points, he easily beats both Morata (5 points) and Jorginho (4 points) in the shooting accuracy challenge.


Morata, meanwhile, is a bit of a headcase. He misses everything with his first shot, which is hard not to find amusing given his recent struggles with finishing, and then quite tellingly, implores Hudson-Odoi to shape up and possibly even reset the game after the first three shots result in just one point: “Callum, you need to repeat this video. You’re the best young player at Chelsea and you do this?!” It takes more than that to faze Callum of course.

Perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into all that. Maybe it’s just mind games. Maybe Morata’s just doing an excellent bit of deadpan sarcasm. Or ... yeah.

In any case, well done, Notorious C.H.O. Let’s get him in the starting lineup tonight, shall we?

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