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Hugs, kisses, and familiar faces in Chelsea tunnel cam vs. Bournemouth

Chelsea vs. Bournemouth, Premier League: Tunnel cam!

Tunnel cam is back. Hurray for tunnel cam!

It’s extra good tunnel cam, in fact, with actual footage from the ... wait for it ... tunnel! Hurray! Not much filler at all, with a minimum amount of crowd shots and other assorted non-tunnel cam (or at least non-tunnel-adjacent cam) footage. There’s even a bit where the handheld camera looks up and out of the tunnel as if you’re about to take the steps up to pitch level.

Which also then has the best moment in any Chelsea tunnel cam yet, Stamford getting his ... groove? ... on. Not sure how any of the players standing there kept their concentration.

In any case, beyond the lion’s shenanigans, we’ve got hugs. Lots and lots of hugs. And a few kisses. But mostly hugs. Hugs with fans, hugs with former teammates (Aké, Begović), hugs with current teammates, hugs with Zola, hugs and hugs and hugs.

That’s how you know the times are good. Too many hugs to count.

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